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Blue Water Farms

The immediate mission of Blue Water Farms is to develop a sustainable, intensive system for production of walleye for the food market that is flavorful, nutritious, and affordable. The satellite sites will also include the production of plant products using a decoupled aquaponics system. The walleye will be produced in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, land- based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) that minimizes water use and avoids negative waste products.

Fully Integrated Business Approach

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The North American Walleye

Walleye (Sander vitreus) has an outstanding reputation as a food fish throughout the North Central Region (NCR) of the United States and also ranks at the top of an angler’s preference as a sport fish.

Walleye have white meat and a light delicate flavor and are described “… as the best tasting freshwater fish” (Seafood Source).

Walleye have a protein content of about 20% and a fat content less than 1%…, which are values that place them in the low fat and high protein category of food fishes. (NCRAC)

Walleye was identified as the most preferred species for aquaculture development from a 2017 MN SeaGrant workshop

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Production of walleye

Walleye have been raised for many years by both private and public sectors, mainly in outdoor pond type systems. New technologies are now being utilized to raise these fish to a much larger size in a shorter time. Indoor larval tank rearing systems have been demonstrated in Iowa for many years and now UWSP-NADF is using heated recycled water systems for grow out.

The method of production is in alignment with consumer expectations: BWF’s indoor Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) grows seafood in a clean environment that allows control to a degree not available in open system aquaculture (ponds, net-pens, flow-through). Recirculating systems maximize water re-use through the removal of solids, bio-filtration, gas balancing, oxygenation and disinfection

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Key Partnerships

RAS Design

McMillen Jacobs Associates is a multi-disciplined firm, with self-performing design-build capability. For 75 years we have worked closely with our clients at every stage of a project, assisting them with planning, permitting, design, project management, construction, and start-up.


“At DJR Architecture, we embrace the collaborative process to design innovative solutions and deliver successful client projects. We provide architectural services from the predevelopment phase through the planning, design, bidding and construction phases.”

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